How did it start?


My adventure started with the artistic techniques of decorating objects using decoupage. Decoration with various objects using this technique began a few years ago, looking for distraction from everyday responsibilities. On various websites, I came across photos of items decorated with different methods decoupage techniques. She considered me the perfect repetition of the same patterns on different subjects. It could not be hand-painted, although this seemed. By chance, I came to the Studio for Creative Inspiration ARTEMA, where I met the same enthusiasts a variety of decorating techniques and create original and unique items. With the mutual exchange of experiences was easier, we managed to find their own ways of decorating and the chance to meet other types of handicrafts and make fantastic friendships that I value and cherish to this day. Numerous training allowed me the time to share my knowledge and experience with others, I was able to catch my passion for decorating and creating.

Because I can not stand here long, I'm curious by nature, I like to experiment and combine techniques to work with different materials, I wanted to finally try my hand at something new. So it was time for felting, fell in love, and that love continues to this day and probably will continue. Felting technique makes me very happy, because it created a separate, original and unique items have been recognized by my friends and their friends, and the large number of people known to the social networking site. Felting is the technique of artistic creativity in which they realize, and the expectations and positive feedback from recipients of my work, a willingness to share knowledge and ability to reach wider enthusiasts and those looking for original and unusual items meant that I decided to create her own studio and his own brand.


We invite you to familiarize yourself with my proposals, work, wishing all the many pleasures of their possession and use.
I also encourage you to fruitful cooperation shops and boutiques offering its customers unique products unit.

At the same time we invite enthusiasts and anyone interested in learning the art of felting and decoupage to participate in workshops organized both in my studio as well as trainings and workshops away.


I greet all of you and invite -  Anna Piesio


Ladies and Gentlemen


Happy owners and users of my work are people of Polish and Europe. I get a lot of nice comments from people all over the world.
Your appreciation and kind words are very important to me. The greatest gift of the artist are the kind words and the satisfaction of customers and users of its work.


I invite you to read my offer, to buy and contact if you wish to place an order or cooperation.



best regards and have a nice day - Anna Piesio